Antiparos island

Antiparos is a small island, located southwest of Paros isle. It is surrounded by many other small islands, Saliagos, Diplo, Fira, Revmatonisi, Despotiko, Strogili. It is well known for the stalactite cave, the Archaeological site of Despotiko isle (temple of Apollo) and sandy beaches with crystal water and sea caves.
In Antiparos village there is a Venetian castle (Kastro) which visitors can admire. There is also a folklore museum. Many traditional cosy café-bars, and taverns are situated all over the main road of the island, which offer fresh sea food, ouzo and a variety of Greek dishes.

How to get to Antiparos

Antiparos is accessible via Paros as follows:
When you reach the port of Paros (Parikia) you can get a bus from the bus station which is very close to it (usually there is bus connection on ships arrivals), or you can get a taxi. Bus or taxi will take you (8 km distance) to the small port of Punda. There is a passenger / car ferry from here which will takes you (after a 10 minutes sea voyage) to the port of Antiparos.
Also you can get a boat direct from port of Parikia to Antiparos (it takes 20 minutes sea voyage).
Antiparos is waiting for you.
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